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Vsphere plugin and dynamic slaves


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    • vsphere-cloud-plugin
    • Jenkins version: 2.7.1
      Vsphere-cloud-plugin version 2.15
      VMWare version: 6

      Hello all,

      After doing a lot of research I had to come here and do my question "in person" cause I couldnt find my answer.

      what I am trying to do: Configure vsphere cloud and start a dynamic slave using the template configured on the vsphere cloud plugin.

      What is going on so far?
      I have a job which only has the following:
      bat 'dir'

      "nodeLabel" is the name I gave on the template configuration of the vsphere cloud. Once I start the job, I can see that a new machine is created (cloned from my template) and it is started and then nothing happens anymore. The job cannot login to the machine cause it doesnt now the user name and password to it and also, even if I login myself, jenkins cannot start the node as a slave.

      On the wiki of the page there is an image where it shows that you can give an user name and password to the template, but with the newer version this is not existing anymore.

      How can I make this to work? Is this a known issue or am I missing something?

      There are three pictures attached:
      CloudConfiguration.jpg: How I configured my vsphere cloud
      SlaveStartupError.jpg: the error that happens when the slave is trying to be created.
      NodeConfiguration.jpg: The dynamic node that the plugin created (strange thing here is that there is no execution line for the slave and also no "secret" code)

      Thank you all in advance,

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