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Proceed button fails (investigate)


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      It seems under some conditions the proceed button for input does not work and the UI does not automatically update to reflect this state.

      There needs to be some manual testing around inputs to check if we are handling errors correctly and that the state of the UI is handled appropriately in error cases.

      It would be prudent to test around error cases and SSE updates for input here too.

      It would also be worth ensuring that under successful conditions that the UI updates correctly on proceeding with input.

      Original request
      Recently our inputs (with checkboxes) stopped to work. Pressing "Proceed" button does nothing, there is an error response:

      Error processing Input Submit request. This Run instance does not have an Input with an id of 'D875578491b444dd8bc3f26a12399d2a'.

      This occurs in ~90%, some success still may exist )

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