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Offer "Build with Parameters" on first build when declarative Jenkinsfile found


      By default a branch project will automatically run the first build, with no parameters, so params will just pick up any default values. You have the option to suppress the automatic first build, but this does not give you any way to enter parameters for it (at least in the UI; perhaps possible via CLI/REST), since Jenkins does not know what the parameters are going to be until it starts running. But in the case of Declarative we could in principle inspect the Jenkinsfile when the branch project is created (via SCMFileSystem) and determine the parameter definitions by static parsing without actually running.

      More generally, if Declarative is in use and there are properties, we could set all the project properties when the branch project is created, even if the first build is run automatically. (Though I would suggest that the automatic first build should be automatically suppressed if there is a ParametersDefinitionProperty.)

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