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Set status for Stages


      Its a simple request and I see multiple tickets and discussions going on for this but I dont see the solution yet so I am pressed to create one, please dont bash me. I would like to mark my stages skipped based on the branch or some other status based on my current branch, is it possible in declarative Pipeline syntax?

      Looking through this link 'https://github.com/jenkinsci/pipeline-model-definition-plugin/commit/71c3d60ee486e48757bbd76315dc69a9e0418775#diff-fa1a1fd4274e733b635b3978b3d39ce6R88'

      I thought its possible if I use "when" in my stage-section, if the condition doesnt succeed then it will skip the stage (mark it gray or some other color) but I dont see it happening. Currently, If my build succeeds all stages are marked are green and for failure all are marked red - is there someway to manage the status of stages in UI (stage-pipeline view).

      thanks for your time

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