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Attempting to create a root/unfiltered log recorder with level 'ALL' should display a warning


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      As I learned the hard way, the Jenkins log recorder UI makes it easy for you to accidentally create an unfiltered recorder with a log level of 'ALL' (because that is the default level), and this will easily overwhelm and take down Jenkins if it is under normal load. In my case the only way to recover was to find the log recorder config XML file on the filesystem, move it aside, and restart Jenkins. This caused an unpleasant 25 minute production outage for us.

      I would propose that if the user attempts to create an empty recorder at level ALL we should throw a warning dialog, explaining that this configuration can be dangerous, and give them the option to back out.

      Alternatively, maybe the default level should be SEVERE rather than ALL, so that if you accidentally create an unfiltered recorder it won't log much.

      danielbeck do you want to comment on this? I can make an attempt at implementation if you think the logic is sound.

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