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maven-shade-plugin uses a temporary project file "dependency-reduced-pom.xml" that is deleted when "withMaven()" collects the artifacts


      maven-shade-plugin uses a temporary project file "dependency-reduced-pom.xml" instead of "pom.xml" and deletes this temporary file "dependency-reduced-pom.xml" at the end of the build.

      When withMaven() processes the build report, the file basedir/dependency-reduced-pom.xml no longer exist.


      public class ShadeMojo extends AbstractMojo implements Contextualizable {
           * Flag whether to generate a simplified POM for the shaded artifact. If set to <code>true</code>, dependencies that
           * have been included into the uber JAR will be removed from the <code>&lt;dependencies&gt;</code> section of the
           * generated POM. The reduced POM will be named <code>dependency-reduced-pom.xml</code> and is stored into the same
           * directory as the shaded artifact. Unless you also specify dependencyReducedPomLocation, the plugin will create a
           * temporary file named <code>dependency-reduced-pom.xml</code> in the project basedir.
          @Parameter( defaultValue = "true" )
          private boolean createDependencyReducedPom;
           * Where to put the dependency reduced pom. Note: setting a value for this parameter with a directory other than
           * ${basedir} will change the value of ${basedir} for all executions that come after the shade execution. This is
           * often not what you want. This is considered an open issue with this plugin.
           * @since 1.7
          @Parameter( defaultValue = "${basedir}/dependency-reduced-pom.xml" )
          private File dependencyReducedPomLocation;

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