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Emoji support on Subject field in Pipeline


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    • email-ext-plugin
    • Jenkins 2.32.2 running as Windows Service on a Windows Server 2012
      email-ext 2.57
      JRE 1.8.0_112-b15

      I wanted to use emoji in email extension plugin in my builds. But I found a inconsistent behavior on the usage with the pipeline script in the job configuration and as a Jenkinsfile.
      So I made the table below representing the actual behavior regarding:

      • Representation:
        • Emoji copy and pasted
        • Decimal Reference ❌
        • Hexadecimal Reference ❌
      • Field
        • Subject Field
        • Body
      • Location
        • Inline Editor
        • Jenkinsfile

      With this I produced the table below:

      Type Where Inline Editor Jenkinsfile
      Unicode Subject
      Unicode Body
      Hexcode Subject
      Hexcode Body
      Emoji Subject
      Emoji Body

      Is there a way that the plugin supports Decimal or Hexadecimal references in the subject and the issue could be out of the scope of the plugin or is not yet supported?

      Thanks in advance

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