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Editing job configuration throws Serialization Error



      I've created a job which works fine. Then I decided to generate reports in the "Finalize run" step. But I can't edit it anymore: when I clicked on "Save" after configuring the report, Jenkins threw an exception. From this time, any trivial change will throw this exception. (stack in attachments)
      My job still works but I can't change anything about it. The only way I can change anything except the reporting options is cloning the job and configure the clone.
      I've reproduced the bug with both "Generate report" and "Export report" options.

      Something I want to mention about my project's architecture: I have my ZAP jar, zap.sh and ZAP config files within my jenkins/tools/hudson.task.Ant_AntInstallation. I put them there because Jenkins was complaining he couldn't find them here.

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