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Create a build job from pipeline - as like pipelineJob does for JenkinsDSL


      Actually I'm evaluating different possibilites to better restructure our complex CD/CI pipeline.

      One of the things I stumpled on was:

      I'm able to start a defined job by it's known name

      build job: 'knownJobname'

      but I'm unable to create the job itself, if it doesn't already exist from the multibranch-pipline Job: desired

      build job: 'knownJobname', from 'Jenkinsfile.job.knownJobname.groovy'

      which should

      1. checks for the given job
      2. updates or creates the job
        1. perhaps should auto-update the name for multipipeline builds
      3. run the build job with the given parameters


      actually it just fails if the job doesn't exist: https://github.com/jenkinsci/pipeline-build-step-plugin/blob/4512e19/src/main/java/org/jenkinsci/plugins/workflow/support/steps/build/BuildTriggerStep.java#L100


      In JenkinsDSL there was a pipelineJob which solved this:

      I'm quite unsure which of the "pluged in steps" is affected or should do/cover this.
      The nearest hit is indeed https://plugins.jenkins.io/pipeline-build-step itself, but perhaps there should be a another "plugin" for it, or bundled in any "-support" / "-api" or "-cps-" plugin?!


      P.S: should https://plugins.jenkins.io/workflow-job do the job?! I'm lost in documentations ;(
      ^ no, it's the Pipeline Job itself, not a step definition "plugin"

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