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Generate runtime model directly from AST model


    • Declarative - 1.2

      My apologies if this isn't a bug, but I've searched high and low and tried a number of things, but I can't seem to find the syntax ex. to solve what's broken.  After upgrading pipeline plugins to the latest releases (as of today), my declarative pipelines broke because it seems there might no longer be ability to use a property in the agent label.  This was working:

          parameters {
              choice(choices: 'server-cd\server-demo', description: DeployEnvironmentHelp, name: 'Environment')
          environment {
              DEPLOYENVIRONMENT = "${params.Environment}"
          agent none
          stages {
              stage ("Stage 1") {
                  agent {label DEPLOYENVIRONMENT}
                  echo 'Get Deployment Helper Files from SCM repo(s)...'

      But the pipeline fails saying that the DEPLOYENVIRONMENT is not a proper value (I no longer have the exact message )  

      As of model def. 1.1.1, is it no longer possible to use an environment variable or property in the agent label?   btw - I'm setting DEPLOYENVIRONMENT so I can do other tests and not have to keep using params.Environment, but in other pipelines I set properties so that I can define which agent based on properties that change in the pipeline.



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