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Jacoco Memory Allocation after Job is Terminated


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    • jacoco-plugin
    • jenkins 2.50, jacoco 2.1.0

      In my multimodule project I am using Jacoco test coverage and Jacoco-plugin in Jenkins.

      I start some job in my Jenkins, when it comes to the test phase, Jacoco process will be created and after job execution the process will be closed. But when the job is stucked in the test phase, the only way is to terminate the job. But in this case the Jacoco process won't be closed, even after the Jenkins restart. The only way is to kill the process.

      I have one Jenkins running on my physical machine and another one in docker. Problem occures in both cases.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start the job.
      2. Make it stuck in test phase.
      3. Terminate the job (X button in Build History window)
      4. Check the running processes(top/htop).
      5. (Optional)Restart jenkins.
      6. (Optional) Check the active processes. 


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