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`report-console` flag seems to cause emulator to run very slowly


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    • JenkinsCI v.2.49
      Android Emulator Plugin v2.15

      I was trying to run a project with over 100 UI tests on Jenkins using the emulator plugin and noticed that the time it takes to run is significantly longer than if I just run the project directly on the same machine (30+minutes vs 10 minutes), and often times, the build will just fail with the following message:

      failed Test failed to run to completion. Reason: 'Failed to receive adb shell test output within 30000 ms. Test may have timed out, or adb connection to device became unresponsive'. Check device logcat for details)

      After some debugging, I found that this seems to be caused by the `report-console` flag that the plugin uses when starting the emulator. I built a modified version of the plugin with that flag removed, and that seems to resolve the issue. I also haven't run into other issues so far with that flag removed. Do you guys know what the use of that flag is? And would it be possible to update the plugin to allow the users to turn that flag off?

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