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The Jabber plugin prevents the end of the build


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      since version 0.9 of the Hudson Jabber notifier plugin
      my build do not complete, they stop on jabber notification, either on manually
      entered targets or on scm suspects.

      nothing shows up in logs, and the build can't be stopped from hudson interface.
      killing their processes does not work either since there is no process to kill.

      so i end up having to restart hudson.

      Details :
      we're using an internal jabber server, and our organization is using a proxy,
      but to connect to the jabber server, the proxy is not needed.

      example of logs :
      after build :
      Sending notification to: javabuild-status@f4-group.com

      in hudson.log :
      INFO: $PROJECT_NAME$ #441 main build action completed: SUCCESS

      if i disable the jabber plugin, everything works fine.

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