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Unable to abort a job while post-build notifier is running


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      If one enters a wrong port number into global tool configuration the builds will get stuck for a long time in the post-build step (if enabled).

      This happened to us a few times both with the syslog and logstash backends.

      The only way we were able to kill the job stuck in the logstash post-build step was by restarting Jenkins.

      What is even worse: it seems other builds (in different projects, but also with logstash configured)  wouldn't start because of the one build that was stuck.


      I think the "unable to abort" problem is caused by the underlying IO operations not supporting interrupts.

      • Apache HC supports aborting the connection in 4.x, although IDK if it's enabled for default clients created with HttpClientBuilder.create()
      • I'm not sure now how java.net.DatagramSocket (used via UdpSyslogMessageSender) behaves re. interrupts right now


      I'm confused about the global contention point though. I can't find anything obvious in plugin code that would explain this, so I expect it's some interaction with the plugin code and how jenkins handles post-build steps and global tools?

       EDIT: I realized the jobs were just hanging on the socket IO independently of each other, there is no global contention point

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