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No hover text shown for Edit and Close buttons on toolbar


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    • blueocean-plugin
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    • Blue Ocean 1.0-rc3, Blue Ocean 1.0-rc4, Blue Ocean 1.2-beta3, Blue Ocean 1.2-beta4


      • Add internationalized tool tips for
        • Edit: "Edit pipeine"
        • Close: "Close"
      • Check across the app that any other similar buttons are properly tool tipped.

      Along the top of the Blue Ocean screen, when looking at a Pipeine, there are several toolbar buttons. Most of them have hovertext available - hover the mouse cursor over one of them, and you get a tool tip explaining what the button does. This hover text is not available for the pencil (Edit) icon, or the close (X) icon.

      Hover text would be useful for both, but arguably is more important for the (X), because there's another (X) at the far left hand corner of the page. But for being slightly

      Steps to recreate:
      1. View a pipeline in BO, and navigate to any build. In the screenshow I'm looking at a failed build.
      2. Hover over the toolbar buttons at the top. The pencil icon, and the (X) icon, do not have tool tips.

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