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Git-parameter plugin: "Retrieving Git References..."


      Hi family,

      i have the following enviroment:

      Git-parameter-plugin 0.4
      GitLab 6.7.3
      Jenkins 1.602
      Git-plugin 1.1

      I have created a maven job, which with the git-parameter plugin, I choose a GitLab branch and execute a maven command. The job goes perfect but i have configured a second maven job with a different gitlab repository and after the first build for create the workspace, only appearĀ "Retrieving Git References...", i only see this in the log:

      Mar 28, 2017 3:42:03 PM INFO net.uaznia.lukanus.hudson.plugins.gitparameter.GitParameterDefinition generateContents
      generateContents contenttype PT_BRANCH RemoteConfig http://myurl/myproject/myrepo.git

      The thing is, if i configure a static parameter and i write the branch, the job works perfectly.

      Thanks to all by the help.

            majano Daniel Majano
            majano Daniel Majano
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