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Closing pipeline results "modal" after clicking on a stage sets the url incorrectly to the previous URL, not activity


    • Blue Ocean 1.0-rc4, Blue Ocean - 1.1-beta-1

      Closing the modal results screen always closes it, but the URI sometimes has an incorrect path. The side effect of this is if you click on anywhere else, you get a full page reload. 


      To reproduce: 

      • Open a pipeline finished run - note the URI (call that URI A)
      • Click on any stage - note the URI changes with the stage id (call that URI B)
      • Close the modal
      • Note that screen shows activity (where you originally came from) BUT the URI == URI A
      • Click on branches/activity and note you get a page reload

      It should show /activity or wherever it came from. It shouldn't just go back on item in the history. 


      In Scope: 

      • Fix
      • Unit or ATH test to ensure that the close actually restores the correct URI


      Perhaps this is best done with a change - don't use path to set stage ids, use a query parameter, that way "back" will go back to the correct place. Or close needs to push the history to where it remembers it originally came from... I dunno. Maybe the 2nd amendment people can do something about that, I don't know. FAKE NEWS.

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