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WARN: java.lang.InterruptedException: no matches found within 10000


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    • junit-plugin
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    • jenkins 2.46.1 (also reproducible even with much older versions)

      It seems that this warning is triggered sometimes when junit fails to find any test results to grab and this is really confusing because it makes you waste time investigating the wrong problem.

      *There is no timeout involved in this, but the presence of InterruptedException and 1000 makes you believe that this is what really happened. *

      00:27:18.378 + exit 0
      00:27:18.451 Set build name.
      00:27:18.458 New build name is '#2_rhos-10.0-patches'
      00:27:18.485 Variable with name 'BUILD_DISPLAY_NAME' already exists, current value: '#2_rhos-10.0-patches', new value: '#2_rhos-10.0-patches'
      00:27:18.592 Archiving artifacts
      00:27:18.994 WARN: No artifacts found that match the file pattern "**/*.tar.gz, **/*.log, **/etc/tempest.conf". Configuration error?
      00:27:19.143 WARN: java.lang.InterruptedException: no matches found within 10000
      00:27:19.143 Recording test results
      00:27:19.597 ERROR: Step ‘Publish JUnit test result report’ failed: No test report files were found. Configuration error?
      00:27:19.597 [BFA] Scanning build for known causes...

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