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Git checkout fails if submodule defined in .gitmodules don't exist


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    • git-client-plugin
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    • Jenkins 2.46.2
      Git Client 2.4.5
      Git Plugin 3.3.0

      If a submodule is defined in .gitmodules but doesn't actually exist in the repo, the Git Plugin fails to checkout the repo:

      hudson.plugins.git.GitException: Command "git config --get submodule.callme2.url" returned status code 1:

      The checkout only succeeds after the following is removed from .gitmodules:

      [submodule "callme2"]
      	path = callme2
      	url = ../callme_2

      This is a minor bug, since the reference to "callme2" could be removed from .gitmodules since it was not actually being used. However, it seems like the Git Plugin should not have to depend on the .gitmodules file being 100% accurate in order to function correctly. 


      This was not an issue with the previous version of Git Client Plugin or Git Plugin


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