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Hide specific steps in build view


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      We have a company-wide Pipeline setup that uses global pipeline scripts. These scripts do all sort of "behind the scenes" things to make the lives of developers as easy as possible, and make going from first commit to a testable application on Jenkins cost the least amount of code/configuration.

      This is all working great, and developers don't really interact with Jenkins in any way, unless their build failed, and they want to know why.

      Right now, when they click the red cross on GitHub, they are redirected to the build status on the "blue" view, but then they are greeted with multiple steps, that have no meaning to them, and are (given our global scripts work as expected) not the cause of their problems, they just want to see the output of their test run, not all the surrounding steps that make it possible to run their build/test.

      So basically, what I'm looking for is two things:

      1. make step titles more descriptive (but this is already being tackled in another issue)
      2. add the option to hide specific steps from showing up, so devs only see what's relevant

      I did find this issue: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-26987

      But this is not about the blueocean plugin, and I do believe that the notion "Running Steps is itself intended to be a debugging view" does not apply here, as the blueocean view very much is intended to be as simple as possible for developers to get to the root of their problems, and not for the "Jenkins people" amongst us, who want to drill down into all the possible details there are (for which we still have the classic interface).

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