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Multibranch branch is built twice, from branch indexing and scm change


      I've got a subversion-based pipeline multibranch project.

      Multibranch has a periodic trigger for branch indexing, otherwise it would never scan new branches: once every two minutes.


      Often, two builds are scheduled for the same branch-job simultaneously: 

      • Once due to "branch indexing"
      • Once due to "scm change"

      Usually, the SCM triggered one runs a bit later, and will not have any changes listed, because the previous run (due to branch indexing) has already updates all SVN checkouts, naturally.


      This problem doubles my build-time.


      Expected behavior: Run the job only once


      Below, please find the logs for the second run, triggered by "SCM change"

      Polling log that triggered SCM change:


      Started on 05.05.2017 00:09:02
      Received SCM poll call on master for compile-java on 05.05.2017 00:09:02
      SVNURL/branches/my-branch is at revision 4'851
      (changed from 4'850)


      Build log:


      Started by an SCM change
      Opening connection to SVNURL
      Checking out svn SVNURL/branches/my-branch to read Jenkinsfile

      Updating SVNURL/branches/my-branch@4851 at revision 4851
      At revision 4851

      No changes for SVNURL/branches/my-branch since the previous build

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