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Karaoke does not resume after "scroll to bottom"


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      Original description
      When viewing the Run Details logs for a running build, when a user scrolls up, the system stops loading logs entirely. This obviously prevents any karaoke behavior from occurring. It appears that when the build completes, we do refresh the data and logs to reflect the completed state.

      I have tested this in the following commits and the behavior seems consistent:

      There seems to be some debate as to what the behavior should be. tscherler indicated it's always worked this way, although jamesdumay says that log loading should continue regardless, just no auto scrolling / auto stage moving.

      Before I dig deeper into JENKINS-43316 and JENKINS-43317 it'd help to know whether this issue needs addressing. And if it's true that karaoke has always worked like this, this should be marked as an enhancement and probably not block 1.1 release as it may take some time to implement this from scratch. I don't know the code base well enough to estimate the effort.

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