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Regression: pipeline does not see Node Properties overrides


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    • pipeline
    • Jenkins LTS 2.46.2, upgraded from 2.5
      Pipeline 2.5, upgraded from 2.1
      Windows master (Java 1.8, Windows Server 2012) and multiple Windows agents; no Docker

      After upgrading Jenkins from 2.5 to latest LTS 2.46.2 and Pipeline from 2.1 to 2.5 we observe a regression in our Scripted Pipelines.


      We use "Global properties", which are overridden for some agents via "Node properties". The result is that, for example, on some agents effective value of SPAM_PATH env var would be "c:\..." and on others - "e:\...".

      This override via "Node properties" doesn't work anymore in pipeline. Instead of agent-specific value, the "Global properties" value is always used.

      The way to repro: 

      • Set SPAM_VAR global property to "0".
      • Set SPAM_VAR node property for bacon-agent to "42".
      • Run the simple pipeline:

      stage('A') {
          node('bacon-agent') {
              bat 'set'

      What we see is that when running on bacon-agent, the SPAM_VAR is "0" instead of "42".

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