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Weather icons does not refer to the main project in a project view.


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    • Jenkins ver. 2.46.2


      I'm working on CODEEN which sets the codes of developers for the Euclid mission.

      In jenkins, we create multijob projects for each developer. In each of those we use mulitjob phases that use generic projets.

      > For example the main project SIM_EXT_dev will use several generic projets like CT_build, CT_documentation, CT_tests, etc ...

      When we are on the specific view of a main project we then have the main project name and the list of the generic projects with the colored icons (result of the last build) and the weather icons associated.

      The question is the following : actually the wheather icon of each generic project depends on the last builds of this generic project. Not only with the main project we are looking. 

      > If CT_build fails 4 times with an other main project, even if it has always been successful when used by SIM_EXT_dev the next build of SIM_EXT_dev will show a rainy icon next to CT_build  : 'Build stability : 4 out of the last 5 builds failed'..

      Is it possible to set the reference of those icons only the builds commanded by the main project we are in?

      Thanks for your support,

      Best regards,




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