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xCode plugin build Archives always.


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      In "General build settings" of Jenkins Xcode Plugin version 2.0.0, I have not checked the box against "Generate Archive?" field, but when I run the build job it takes "archive:YES" always.

      Log as below:-

      Going to invoke xcodebuild:target: SDKIntegrationProj, sdk: iphoneos10.3, project: SDKIntegrationProj.xcodeproj, configuration: Release, clean: NO, archive:YES, symRoot: DEFAULT, buildDir: DEFAULT, developmentTeamID: <########>

      Due to this it results in error as below:-

      xcodebuild: error: The flag -scheme is required when specifying -archivePath but not -exportArchive. Build step 'Xcode' marked build as failure

      I tried checking the box against "Generate Archive?" fieldĀ and then un-checking it and re-run it. It still results the same error.

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