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Build pipeline plugin can't "re-run" a job already run


      a little of context:

      I have configured jenkins with restrictions for differents ldap group, so in a pipeline there are some jobs that can be executed for group A , another jobs for group B and so on. So the problem is when the first job of the pipeline (job1) the "group A" has permissions , then "job2" is executed for group2  , the only group that has permissions in that job , so when I want to "re-run" job2 the green narrow dissapear (see attachment wihout narrow.png). but If the first job the pipeline "the group2" has permission , in that case I'm able to re-run , see (with narrow.png attachment)

      I think that if some group has execution permissions in a job , it should be able to re-run always. Let me know if a further information is needed.


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