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File handle leaks in *.log after hard kill


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    • Jenkins ver. 2.46.3

      I use a Jenkins Pipeline to run my individual tests in parallel. I just noticed my test job that I run in parallel is failing with "Too many open files" errors.

      Next, I ssh into the master and did an lsof -p using the pid of Jenkins... i see over 4k file descriptors. The output has thousands of lines that look like this:

      java 7 root 4089w REG 202,96 28 2375888 /var/jenkins_home/jobs/test_pipeline/builds/15331/222.log
      java 7 root 4090w REG 202,96 328 787837 /var/jenkins_home/jobs/test_pipeline/builds/15343/166.log
      java 7 root 4091w REG 202,96 328 787851 /var/jenkins_home/jobs/test_pipeline/builds/15343/180.log
      java 7 root 4094w REG 202,96 671 787839 /var/jenkins_home/jobs/test_pipeline/builds/15343/167.log
      java 7 root 4095w REG 202,96 29 2361097 /var/jenkins_home/jobs/test_pipeline/builds/15331/157.log

      Each file has content that roughly looks like this:

      Starting building: ESC[8mha:////4CQAnoPVmHzYGq9xQUbp+LIf+xF38/zSfY1nZ0iZCPexAAAArB+LCAAAAAAAAP9b85aBtbiIQTGjNKU4P08vOT+vOD8nVc83PyU1x6OyILUoJzMv2y+/JJUBAhiZGBgqihhk0NSjKDWzXb3Rdl
      LBUSYGJk8GtpzUvPSSDB8G5tKinBIGIZ+sxLJE/ZzEvHT94JKizLx0a6BxUmjGOUNodHsLgAyZEgZF/az8JP2U/Pyi4pLUAt2ULKBh+fElqcUl+sYWliYGhvoAbOU0btYAAAA=ESC[0mmy_test #389401


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