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Very slow activity/pipeline screen load (often when logged in)


    • Blue Ocean 1.2-beta1, Blue Ocean 1.2-beta2, Blue Ocean 1.4 - beta 3, Blue Ocean 1.5 - beta 1

      (to investigate)


      • Some people are finding dashboard/pipeline screens slow when logged in vs not logged in (see appropriate comments below) 
        • See comments and support bundles below for this - eg via bksaville. In some cases it is related to number of runs. 
      • Some users see activity screen as very slow when there are a large number of runs (this seems to be the more common and serious case...)





      I've noticed that the dashboard loads quickly when I'm not authenticated.

      (classic loads normally)


      Deleting the config history like suggested in https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-43208 did not work.

      I have sent an HAR file via email to jamesdumay.

      Jenkins version 2.46.3, BlueOcean 1.1.2

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