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Specifying a manifest file in a subdirectory causes app root to change


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      When pushing an application (in a post-build action) with a manifest that specifies no path, and the manifest is stored in a directory of the workspace (instead of the root) the plugin will consider the directory containing the manifest as the application root.

      This is not what the CF CLI does: https://docs.cloudfoundry.org/devguide/deploy-apps/manifest.html#find-app ("By default, cf push recursively pushes the contents of the current working directory.")

      The bug is here: https://github.com/jenkinsci/cloudfoundry/blob/2d6a76851dd0c9e6125b1ab43fec6b5fe18b5d60/src/main/java/com/hpe/cloudfoundryjenkins/DeploymentInfo.java#L175-L187 (if no path is in the manifest appPath = "" (L177) then L187 will set this.appPath to the directory containing the manifest.

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