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Add "Remove prefix" of file path in Publish Artifacts to JClouds BlobStore



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    • Centos 6/7 x64;
      Jenkins 2.32.3;
      JClouds-plugin 2.14.


      We would like to have very useful feature in order to publish to Openstack Swift storage.

      Please take a look at help description for similar publisher plugins (for example over CIFS or SSH):

      Remove prefix:

      First part of the file path that should not be created on the remote server.

      Directory structures are created relative to the base directory, which is usually the workspace.
      You normally do not want the full path to these files to be created on the server.
      For example if Source files were target/deployment/images/**/ then you may want Remove prefix to be target/deployment This would create the images folder under the remote directory, and not target/deployment
      Jenkins environment variables can be used in this path.

      If you use remove prefix, then ALL source file paths MUST start with the prefix.

      (from Publish Over SSH)




          How far are you with my request? Is it possible to add feature?

          yurymilchenko yury milchenko added a comment - How far are you with my request? Is it possible to add feature?


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