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multi-configuration project is loosing its dependencies


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      1. We use the multi-configuration project to build our "Framework" and test it
      on multiple nodes.
      2. Then we have dependent projects, let say "Connectors", which are free-style
      software project and they have to run on explicit target platform. For this
      purpose, those project has set "tie this project to a node".

      The Connectors are dependent on Framework on each node. Note, that the nodes are
      usually different from the master. This is important, because the lose
      dependency problem is just for free-style projects running on slave nodes, when
      the "tie this project to a node" is specified to a slave node.

      Framework(matrix)<all-nodes> -> Connector(free-style)<node>

      We can set up all dependent projects from the top to down by setting up "Build
      other projects" on multi-configuration project (Framework).

      We can not set the (Connector) a free-style project to be dependent on Framework
      using "Build after other projects are built", because doing so it does not fail
      with error nether it is set. Those tries are silently ignored.

      The Worst from my perspective is, when correctly configured from top to down
      that any configuration change on dependent project (Connector) forced loosing of
      the dependency on (Framework).

      This is very harmful for maintain the solution consistency, because one can
      easily forget to double check the dependency between Framework and Connector
      still exist. You can imagine, that the real needs require more dependencies then
      just a Framework -> Connector

      It seems to me, that some exception when updating dependency of the
      multi-configuration project and free style project is silently ignored and the
      result is that the dependency is lost.

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