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Pipeline Input multiselect feature is broken


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    • Jenkins ver. 2.60.1

      Extensible Choice Parameter Plugin : 1.4.0 (archives)

      The pipline DSL documentation explaines that an multiple choice dialog can be used with the input command. The documentation however is not very detailed. I had to read the code of the extendedchoiceparaemter to circumvent some problems (e.g. when the muliSelectDimiter parameter is missing the plugin throws a null pointer exception. )

      Im, however, stuck now with an interface problem it seems. Please see attached console output. Assumption:  It is tried to invoke a method of the plugin which doesnt have the expected signature anymore.


      stage('file input') {
          node {
              script {
              def userInput = input  message: 'Let\'s promote?', ok: 'Release!',
       parameters:  [$class: 'com.moded.extendedchoiceparameter.ExtendedChoiceParameterDefinition',name:"test",  multiSelectDelimiter: ",",
       type: 'PT_MULTI_SELECT',value: "first,second,third"]
      echo "userInput"

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