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Ivy multi-project build to trigger other non-ivy builds when ALL modules complete


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      I'd like to trigger a non-ivy project build when all the ivy modules completed in a multi-module build. It would be also nice if I could setup a dependency from a non-ivy project to a multi-module ivy project, downstream build would be triggered only when all ivy modules are done.

      Actual: when depending on a multi-ivy project (on the main ivy project) or downstream trigger is set up from the main ivy project, downstream builds (the ivy sub-projects and 'external' builds) are triggered together, i.e. 'external' project doesn't wait for ivy sub-project to complete.

      I also figured that it's possible to depend on ivy sub-projects, but unfortunately it not usable in our project, there's no module that's built always as a last sub-project.


      Expected: is there a way to set up dependencies between project (multi-ivy -> non-ivy) where it's ensured that multi-ivy is completed before non-ivy starts?

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