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Branch name field for `Commit to new branch` allows spaces, and probably shouldn't


    • Blue Ocean 1.4 - beta 1

      When saving a changed pipeline to a new branch in GitHub, the editor allows the user to provide a branch name with spaces in it.

      Steps to recreate:
      1. Edit an existing, functional pipeline with the editor. Make a trivial change.

      2. Click Save.

      3. Add a description, and select "Commit to new branch."

      4. Provide a branch name that contains spaces.

      5. Click "Save and run." You'll get "Error: Bad Request" when you try this.

      6. Remove the spaces from the branch name, and everything works fine.

      This isn't a high severity issue, but it seems like some field controls preventing users from trying to use spaces in their branch names might be helpful.

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