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pipeline hangs after executing sh step command


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    • Fedora 26, Jenkins ver. 2.60.2, java-1.8.0-openjdk

      Simple pipeline below sporadically hangs after completing last "sh" step. Command already completed and can't be seen in process list, but pipeline is still in running state and won't finish.

      There are 2 nodes "builder" and "runner", which (for testing) were both setup to run on localhost (via ssh). Jenkins did ~15 builds of pipeline below before running into this problem, there are no other jobs/builds.

      I'll try to keep the system in this failed state for couple days, in case anyone has tips what further data would be useful to gather:


      node('builder') {
          stage('Build/Fetch') {
      	git ...
      	sh '''curl -O http://file/skt/sktrc
                    curl -O http://file/skt/default.config'''
          stage('Build') {
      	sh '''./skt.py -vv --state --rc sktrc merge
      	      ./skt.py -vv --state --rc sktrc build
      	      ./skt.py -vv --state --rc sktrc publish'''
      	sktrc = readFile 'sktrc'
      	sh '''./skt.py -vv --state --rc sktrc cleanup'''
      node('runner') {
          stage('Test/Fetch') {
      	git 'http://git/skt.git'
      	sh '''curl -O http://filejob.xml'''
      	writeFile file: 'sktrc', text: "${sktrc}"
          stage('Test') {
      	sh '''PATH="/home/worker/bin:$PATH" ./skt.py -vv --state --rc sktrc run --wait
      	      ./skt.py -vv --state --rc sktrc cleanup'''

      Pipeline threadDump:

      Thread #12
      	at WorkflowScript.run(WorkflowScript:36)
      	at DSL.stage(Native Method)
      	at WorkflowScript.run(WorkflowScript:35)
      	at DSL.node(running on runner_localhost)
      	at WorkflowScript.run(WorkflowScript:29)

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