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Github and Bitbucket should "Discover pull requests from origin" by default


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    • Blue Ocean 1.2
      Jenkins 2.60.3


      • Enable "Discover pull requests from origin" Github and Bitbucket


      • Seems reasonable to do this so long as this does not cause build storms etc.

      Original request
      When creating a default github organization pipeline in classic UI and Blue Ocean, the default configuration does not include "Discover pull requests from origin".

      When creating a Pipeline in the classic UI this way, we might argue that the user can add this setting manually if they want it.

      In Blue Ocean, that is not an option (without going back in to edit the Pipeline configuration in the classic UI). Further, users might not know about this setting or understand it's meaning. They will certainly be confused when some pull requests are detected but others aren't. More likely if they are doing pull requests within origin to test functionality, they are unlikely to know about this setting.

      We should build all pull requests by default and let users remove the setting if they don't want it.

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