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"Finished" messages don't mention FAIL/SUCCESS, always 0 ms


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      "Finished" messages never mention if the build failed or was a success, is this intended?

      Also, they always say "Finished after 0 ms" despite obviously taking longer.

      It always looks like this:

      Jenkins @jenkins 6:02 PM  PROJECT_NAME - #2137 Started by changes from John Smith (2 file(s) changed) (Open)
      Jenkins @jenkins 6:13 PM  PROJECT_NAME - TFS_15775 Finished after 0 ms (Open)

      I've just checked, created a simple project with no build name changes, just a script with a 30 second timeout and nothing else, still the same results, always "Finished after 0 ms" and no information if the build failed or was a success.

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