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Smallish screens and larger zoom levels cause "Create Pipeline" button to not be clickable


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      Set up a new Pipeline from a repo which has no Jenkinsfile already present. On browser windows which are "short," or which have larger than average zoom sizes, or both, this will result in the "Create Pipeline" button being partially obscured by the Blue Ocean version information bar at the bottom of the page. The problem here is, "Create Pipeline" and "Learn More" are not clickable until they're fully visible...and since there's no scrollbar, there's no way to make them fully visible, apart from maximizing the browser window.

      Steps to recreate:
      1. Set up a remote repository to point Blue Ocean at. The repository should not have a Jenkinsfile present in any of its branches. Here, I'm using a bare git repo. In this screenshot, my browser window is maximized:

      2. Load the same page, but this time, do so using a browser window that's "short" enough that the buttons are partially obscured. It should look like the below screenshot - you can see the buttons are present:

      3. Note that the buttons are not clickable.

      4. Note that scrolling down, to try and reveal the rest of the buttons, doesn't work. It's disabled.

      5. Maximize that same browser window, and the buttons reveal themselves, and are clickable:

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