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Upstream projects always deleted while saving job configuration


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      If I configure a "downstream" project "B" in the Post build action "Build other
      projects" for project "A", than in the project "B" a build trigger "Build after
      other projects are built" appears for project "A".

      If I save project "B", the build trigger disapears in project "B" and the post
      build action disappears in project "A".

      If I try to configure a build trigger "Build after other projects are built"
      for project "A" in project "B", i can't save it.

      It seams that Build trigger "Build after other projects are built" is not
      saved / removed by job configuration.

      hudson version: 1.329

      Our installed plugins:
      Hudson Groovy builder: 1.3
      Hudson disk-usage plugin: 0.9
      Hudson Warnings Plug-in: 2.14
      Hudson Subversion Plug-in: 1.7
      Hudson Ruby Plugin: 1.1
      Hudson Locks and Latches plugin: 0.4
      Hudson Task Scanner Plug-in: 3.13
      Hudson Google Calendar plugin: 0.2
      Hudson promoted builds plugin: 1.5
      Hudson Email Extension Plugin: 2.2.1
      Hudson batch task plugin: 1.8
      Hudson Continuous Integration game: 1.15
      Claim Plugin: 1.5
      Maven Integration plugin: 1.329
      Hudson SSH Slaves plugin: 0.7
      Hudson Support Subscription Notification Plugin: 1.1

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