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s3Upload with includePathPattern does not upload files


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    • Jenkins 2.73.1
      pipeline-aws-plugin 1.15

      Thanks for releasing the 1.15 version with the includePathPattern option to s3Upload()!

      Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me - no files are uploaded to S3.

      See the following pipeline:

      node {
      sh """
        mkdir -p test test2
        echo foo > test/bar.txt
        echo foo > test2/baz.txt
      s3Upload(bucket: bucket, path: 'test-pattern/', includePathPattern: '*/*.txt')
      s3Upload(bucket: bucket, path: 'test-filename/test/bar.txt', file: 'test/bar.txt')

      Only the test-filename folder is created in the bucket, no test-pattern folder. The output is as follows:

      Started by user anonymous
      [Pipeline] node
      Running on ESC (sir-4cs867nq) in /home/ubuntu/workspace/Test
      [Pipeline] {
      [Pipeline] sh
      [Test] Running shell script
      + mkdir -p test test2
      + echo foo
      + echo foo
      [Pipeline] s3Upload
      Uploading */*.txt to s3://$bucket/test-pattern/ 
      Upload complete
      [Pipeline] s3Upload
      Uploading file:/home/ubuntu/workspace/Test/test/bar.txt to s3://$bucket/test-filename/test/bar.txt 
      Finished: Uploading to $bucket/test-filename/test/bar.txt
      Upload complete
      [Pipeline] }
      [Pipeline] // node
      [Pipeline] End of Pipeline
      Finished: SUCCESS

      I hope that I'm not to stupid for pattern matching  (the same happens with includePathPattern:'**/*').

            hoegertn Thorsten Hoeger
            stephenking Steffen Gebert
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