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TaskScanner Plugin creates too many links "OpenTasks"


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    • tasks-plugin
    • Jenkins 2.65
      Task Scanner Plugin 4.51
      Pipeline Job

      Task Scanner generates new links "Open Tasks" on the left (cf screenshot in attachement)

      All of the links open the same URL .../MY_JOB/BUILD_NUMBER/tasksResult/ 

      Note : I use 4 build steps "withMaven" that automatically generates reports (junit, findbugs and Tasks). They are used in different stages of my pipeline.

      one of them in example (nothing special)

      withMaven(jdk: "${jdkVersion}", maven: "${mavenVersion}", mavenLocalRepo: '${workspace}/.repository', mavenOpts: '', mavenSettingsFilePath: '') {
           timestamps {
               sh "mvn -s settings.xml verify site -fn -DskipTests" 

      Expected result : Only one link should be displayed in the left Menu of the job

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