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Provide and use settings to control the durability of pipelines




      As a user of pipeline, I'm tired of it chewing up my storage IOPS and spitting them out, and honestly I don't care about recovering from dirty JVM crashes sometimes. 

      Can I please have a durability setting (or settings) to signal when I do and do not care about pipelines being durable enough to survive masters' failures, and when I do not care, stop writing to disk as much?


      • workflow-api - APIs for durability
      • workflow-support - potentially use the durability API to determine when persistence is invoked (maybe)
      • workflow-cps - track and use the durability settings to control persistence of the program, execution, flownodes, and if I'm feeling particularly clever, logs.
      • workflow-job - whatever is needed to pass in durability settings
      • workflow-multibranch - properties for durability that can be attached to branches via some sort of branch property policy.


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