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Gerrit Verified Commands ignored when RestAPI is enabled


      Took me a lot of time to figure it out... But it seems like the commands specified in "Gerrit Verified Commands" are ignored if RestAPI is enabled.

      The RestAPI has two functions:

      1. Event "Missed Events Playback" - I thought this is the only one.
      2. Review comments.

      If I read the code correctly, yhere is no way to distinguish between the two as far as I read the code:

      if (config.isUseRestApi() && event instanceof ChangeBasedEvent) {
      if (config.isUseRestApi()
              && memoryImprint.getEvent() instanceof ChangeBasedEvent) 


      I guess there should be a switch in configuration if to use the "Verified Commands" via RestAPI or not, so that both "Missed Events Playback" and the "Verified Commands" can work.

      Currently I disabled the RestAPI as it is more important to have a custom command that sets a custom label.

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