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[cygwin] JunitPublisher fails to convert Spy log paths into paths relative to the workspace


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    • pipeline-maven-plugin
    • cygwin
      Jenkins 2.86
      pipeline-maven-plugin 3.0.2

      We are running a Jenkins master under Linux and a Windows slave under Cygwin.

      The JunitTestPublisher fails at the end of the maven build with the following error:

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot relativize 'D:\home\builder\workspace\aven-single-pipeline_master-JBUUVCDBFMEQBMT26UI5UGSR4QCXX6Y4IUDOLCM3AQQM3XS2TLNQ\target/surefire-reports' relatively to '/home/builder/workspace/aven-single-pipeline_master-JBUUVCDBFMEQBMT26UI5UGSR4QCXX6Y4IUDOLCM3AQQM3XS2TLNQ'
       	at org.jenkinsci.plugins.pipeline.maven.util.XmlUtils.getPathInWorkspace(XmlUtils.java:319)
       	at org.jenkinsci.plugins.pipeline.maven.publishers.JunitTestsPublisher.executeReporter(JunitTestsPublisher.java:235)
       	at org.jenkinsci.plugins.pipeline.maven.publishers.JunitTestsPublisher.process(JunitTestsPublisher.java:181)


      As you noticed, paths extracted from the maven execution by the Spy plugin are in the Windows format, whereas the workspace path as reported by Jenkins is in standard Unix format.

      The plugin is unable to compute a path relative to the workspace because the two arguments are in different format.

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