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Blue Ocean shouldn't visualize the parallel keyword of a scripted pipeline directly


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    • blueocean-plugin
    • Jenkins 3.73.2, Blue Ocean Plugin 1.3.1, Pipeline 2.5

      Sophisticated users of Pipeline want a more usable way to visualize and interact with their Pipelines. Blue Ocean cannot visualise pipelines in a meaningful way to users where there are a large number of stages or parallels.


      1. Reduce unnecessarily visualised parallel branches by reserving parallel syntaxes for visualisation and non-visualisation purposes.
      2. Increase developer satisfaction by making the rules of Pipeline visualisation more consistent and the visualisation usable at any scale.

      See Rationalising Parallel.

      Original Request
      I believe the Pipeline keyword parallel should not be rendered by Ocean View directly respectively in it's on right , but only with transitive dependent Stages. Exception is when there is no stage enclosed by the parallel keyword. Background: since parallel can be used with enclosed stages and not only for the parallel execution of steps, the keyword has moved from being a mere implementation tool to a conceptional one for modeling workflows, this needs to be reflected in the visualization.  In the following comments there are some examples, which try to proove the point respectively my expectations.

      I am aware that there maybe nesting limitations, respectively how deeply the parallel keyword resp. stages are nested.  Here i pratical tread-offs should be made.

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