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"Auto-discover jenkinsfiles" missing from Create pipeline


      I am not able any longer to use Blue Ocean to create a Jenkins project from a Github Organization.

      Before, when creating a pipeline in blue ocean, I could click the option/button "Auto-Discover Jenkinsfiles" after selecting my Github Enterprise organization. This is described here, https://jenkins.io/user-handbook.pdf, at page 116. However, I don't get that option any longer, I only see a list of the repositories, and I have to select one of them to create the pipeline.

      If I do create a pipeline from one of those repositories, Blue Ocean creates a pipeline for only that project.

      What I want is the equivalent of using, in the regular Jenkins UI, "New item" -> "Github organization". In other words, a Jenkins project containing all repositories for a organization, that auto scans new repositories.

      I am running the jenkins:2.88-slim docker image, and have installed the latest version of most Blue Ocean plugins.

      I don't really know if or what I did to lose the possiblity of creating this kind of project.


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