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HTML publisher argument reportTitles is marked as optional in PipelineSyntax editor, but it's required


      When using PipelineSyntax editor to setup htmlPublisher step, "reportTitles" argument is marked as optional:

      The optional title(s) for the report files, which will be used as the tab names. If this is not provided, file names will be used instead.

      However, pipeline build will fail if I omit it:
      WorkflowScript: 30: Missing required parameter: "reportTitles" @ line 30, column 17.
      publishHTML([allowMissing: true, alwaysLinkToLastBuild: false, keepAll: false, reportDir: 'reports', reportFiles: 'index.html', reportName: 'Coverage reports'])

      HTML publisher plugin version : 1.14

      Jenkins version : 2.73.3


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