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CMake plugin leaks file handle on CMakeCache.txt


      I'm building a standard CMake project. During build, it complains about being unable to determine CMAKE_BUILD_TOOL (see JENKINS-29267), and the agent keeps the CMakeCache.txt file open, causing subsequent builds that attempt to clean the build directory to fail as the file is still in use:

      19:39:15 Cleaning build dir... C:\Jenkins\workspace\windows-triangle-msvc\build
      19:39:16 ERROR: remote file operation failed: C:\Jenkins\workspace\windows-triangle-msvc\build at hudson.remoting.Channel@e17d372:JNLP4-connect connection from kicad-build-win7/ java.io.IOException: Unable to delete 'C:\Jenkins\workspace\windows-triangle-msvc\build\CMakeCache.txt'. Tried 3 times (of a maximum of 3) waiting 0.1 sec between attempts.
      19:39:16 Build step 'CMake Build' marked build as failure

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