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Add ability to define attachments in rocket-chat messages for normal jobs


      At the moment I try to integrate the rocket-chat-notifier-plugin in our daily build-process in order to notify about build via RocketChat.

      We are working with normal jobs in Jenkins so we are not able to use the Pipeline rocketSend method to create custom message that will be pushed to RocketChat.

      We use the RocketChat Notifier in the Post-Build Actions. But there is only the option to define a simple custom message. There is no ability to format the text (bold, italic or something else).

      It will be nice to get an additional field in order to define custom attachments for the RocketChat message. The Pipeline/DSL already have this functionality via rocketSend

      An additional checkbox "Include Attachment" and the related textarea "Attachment" sounds very good. Maybe similar to the snippet generator (see attached screenshot).

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