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"Keep the build logs of dependencies" doesn't work in all cases


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    • copyartifact-plugin
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    • Windows Server 2008 R2
      Jenkins 2.60.1 LTS

      I've configured a Build-Job which copies artifacts from multiple other jobs and assembles a bundle.

      The build-step "Copy artifacts from another project" is used - Fingerprint Artifacts is enabled at every of those steps.
      At Job Notifications => Advanced Keep the build logs of dependencies is also enabled.

      I'd like to trigger this downstream-Build manually.... but if I disable ALL Build Triggers and trigger manually a Build via Build now, no Builds in Upstream-Builds are locked. So the build logs of the dependencies will be discarded according to Log-Rotation-Setting. (Keep the build logs of dependencies does not work here properly in my opinion)

      If I enable Build after other projects are built and enter the Upstream Jobs there, then some "padlock"-Icons appear in the Upstream-Builds.... regardless if the downstream-job was triggered manually or via an upstream-build.

            coyote_de Dieter G.
            coyote_de Dieter G.
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